Meet our Production Team! 

Gabriella Feinberg, studio coordinator, technical director, audio engineer and editor, is a sophomore who co-produced a video for the Smithsonian, “Voices & Votes,” during the pandemic shutdown.

Julie Gabrielli, creative director, is a Clinical Associate Professor, recovering architect and fiction writer in awe of nature’s design brilliance. Here’s her blog, Thriving on the Threshold and Instagram.

Maisha Islam, graphic design, is a graduate Architecture student pursuing a dual-degree with Community Planning. 

Rona Kobell, editor, is a seasoned environmental journalist and co-founder of the Environmental Justice Journalism Initiative.

Vincenza Perla, research assistant, is a graduate Architecture student in her final semester, working on her own master's thesis project.

Hannah Zozobrado, assistant producer, is a junior Journalism major with extensive print, radio, video, podcast, and social media experience. On Instagram.

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