Episode 1

Is hope a luxury? Or a necessity?

Episode hosts

Julie Gabrielli, NCARB, LEED, Clinical Associate Professor, UM
School of Architecture, Planning, Preservation & Real Estate
BArch + MArch, University of Virginia; MFA, Southern New Hampshire Univ

Vincenza Perla, Graduate Research Assistant, UM
School of Architecture, Planning, Preservation & Real Estate

Vincenza Perla is from a family of builders, and decided to be an architect at age 16 after making a model of the Blue Mosque for a high school world history class. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Maryland, she worked at the firms of JRS Architects and David M. Schwarz. As a graduate student at University of Maryland, she realized interests in the different scales of sustainability and how cities build back after urban catastrophe, and looks forward to graduating in May 2023 with her Master’s degree. 

When she’s not designing for the future climate, she can be found taking photos or climbing with friends. None of this would be possible without the support from her family, comfort from her feline friends, fun with her human friends, and encouragement from professors and colleagues.

Clinical Associate Professor Julie Gabrielli also built a model of a famous building in high school (Mount Vernon, arguably less cool than the Blue Mosque). Now, she teaches sustainable design and a seminar, Ecological Design Thinking. Her advanced graduate design studio in Integrated Design has collaborated with clients from Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources on projects in vulnerable coastal areas on the Eastern Shore, recently at Assateague State Park. The resulting reports present findings and recommendations on ways to foster mutually beneficial relationships between buildings and sites, science and natural systems, researchers and local communities.


Julie has practiced and taught architecture with a focus on sustainable design for nearly thirty years. In May 2020, she received an Outstanding Teaching Award from her school. An avid runner and weightlifter, she lives in Baltimore with her husband and a singing white German Shepherd named Brody. On beautiful spring days, her son can be found studying psychology on Maryland’s McKeldin Mall or taking advantage of his dorm’s proximity to the golf course. 

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This podcast is suitable for use in any of the courses in the Sustainability Studies minor at the University of Maryland. 

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